A Little Think-Time Can Change Your Life

Life can get so busy that it feels chaotic. At this point, most people simply run harder--hoping this will help the chaos to stop. It's frustrating to work harder than you have ever worked and not see improved results. This is why I want to encourage you to do something different.

I want you to resist the urge to immediately run faster, to dive in right away, to do do do do do do do. Bouncing from thing to thing...activity to activity.

Instead, I want to encourage you to think about the thinking behind your decisions.

We'll get more into this throughout this course, but here's the science behind my suggestion.

Psychologist Dr. Henry Cloud says that 90% of our thoughts today are the same ones we had yesterday.

So, if you want more tomorrow of what you have had today, keep moving in the same direction, doing the same thing.

However, if you want a different result, thinking about your thinking can help you solve your problems so you can have new results.

Albert Einstein said it like this: We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

So, if your life today is not giving you the results you were hoping, try thinking about your thinking to rise above your challenges and move in a new direction.

Otherwise, you have a 90% chance of repeating tomorrow what did not work today.

This may just be the way to help you get out of the chaos so you can move forward to a position of confidence.

Throughout the rest of this course, I am going to go deeper with specific suggestions of exactly how you can do this.

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